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Key Lime no bake cheese cake
Chocolate no bake cheese cake
*Our Pumpkin Cheese Cake is now available to order !
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Rich with the smoky flavor of bacon and combined with an irresistible blend of tangy cheddar cheese and smoked bacon. Mix with sour cream for a wonderful dip for chips or add this spice to your baked potatoes.  Mix with cream cheese and sour cream to make a bacon                                  cheddar cheese ball or spread that everyone won’t stop                                   talking about. 
If you like a little spice then you will enjoy the slow-smoked flavor of mild jalapeno combined with our secret seasonings to give a Southwestern zip to veggies, beef, pork, chicken, or seafood. Combine with sour cream, cream cheese, nonfat yogurt or any other plain creamy base.
If you love pesto, you'll inhale our Tomato Pesto dip mix! Combine our secret mix of sun-dried tomatoes, garlic and basil with cream cheese and sour cream to make a truly unique party dip your friends will beg you to bring again and again.
    Experience the Asian flavors of sesame and garlic, blended in perfect harmony. This is a great dip for your chips and veggies, or combine with sour cream and cream cheese and make a cheese ball. Sprinkle this seasoning on chicken or meats to add flavor to your dish.
    Our Onion Chive dip mix is a classic combination of fresh onions and chives. Great with chips and fresh veggies.  It can also be used as a seasoning to make fantastic marinades, or mix with melted butter or cream cheese and tossed with hot pasta
    This Cucumber Dill dip mix is cool and refreshing with a garden-fresh flavor. One of our most popular flavors! Combine with cream cheese and sour cream. Try spreading on bread with thinly-sliced cucumbers for elegant finger sandwiches!
    Pick any six of our mixes for $18.00 and save $3.00.
    6 - PACK Gourmnet Dips